Thursday, February 12, 2009

After a long gap

I decided to write now.Its not that I have lots of things to pen down, Its that I had a thought of giving back to blogger world where I am used to only taking.My initial idea of this blog was to have a platform where I can express my thoughts, when I have something different to say.The same policy continues, but I also want to share my activities alongside my thoughts.

Web 2.0 world is getting strong every day. I created this blog in 2004. I kept blogging in this space for sometime, I lost interest after sometime. My blog became a platform for me to keep track of other blog links. I am very thankful to my fellow bloggers that, the time I spend reading blogs has only increased over a period of time.Surely I have some thoughts to share, I will put that across in coming days.That varies from regional cinema to over hyped Hollywood cinema. Polotics driven by image, positive vibe on 'hope for change'. Initiatives that truly is making impact on people. We have wide variety of topics to discuss. I dont belive in one way communication, If that was more satisfying then I would not have come down here to share my thoughts.My request is only to just raise your voice if you really feel like saying something. 

Questions that I have in my mind now is,

Is regional cinema dying ?
Are Politics, diplomacy bad words ? 
What is the best way of defining service, is it to 'take control' or 'give control' ?
Do we need to have quantitative appraisal system in coroporates ? Can performance,skills be really quantified ?
Is digital identity increasingly becoming imoprtant ? Is it a right choice for an employer to make ?
If Information Communication Technology has to reach rural india, which is one problem that needs to be addressed ?

I know its the wide array of thoughts..I am not the master of any of these.If its something interesting, you can hear from me more. Hang in there..

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