Friday, November 25, 2005

Business process and religion

I happened to hear, so many spiritual leaders appealing business leaders to promote spiritualism among business community. As expected, I think the appeal was always neglected. “What religion and such principle have to do with our business?” .No one gave them clear answer, or nothing could convince them. They can blame about religion as, something which had a major role in splitting the society and broke the very purpose of it. Is not valid?

Hmmm...Now, let’s come to the business community. As we all know, every industry has some kind of quality process defined for them. They “religiously” follow it, to attract customers and also to ensure the quality of the end product. They will also boast about the quality, by certifications they achieved in their growth ladder. CMM, ISO are some examples. But as one among in the customer community, we will agree that we do look at these certifications, for choosing a suitable vendor for our work.

What are these processes and why it is so very important? When a collective community of employees works for a major purpose or a project, it is very much needed to have a process in place. This is to learn from experiences and also to correct and set a vision for future endeavors. In summary, to get a better visibility, ensuring improvement, ensuring quality, some bench marks has been defined. People who master these processes become leaders, after sometime they see themselves growing out of it.

Now come back to religion. Very well known fact is all regions are made for the good of harmony and peace of society, to some extent we can say universe. These were the benchmarks defined to understand themselves and also to ensure the quality of human race specially; the dominating creature. But in the evolution, man started taking it as part of him/her. (h) She became proud of saying “I am Hindu” Or “I am Christian”. I think from then, the whole purpose of it was lost.

Can we imagine a world, where employees fight each other saying, “I am CMM level 5”, and “I am ISO: 90002” etc. When process becomes part of self who is supposed to just follow it, the very purpose of it is lost. Now the key note here is, if the process and certifications are benchmarks for delivering better quality product in business, religion is to ensure the stability in human life and it’s the key to discover self and grow out of it. Keep a personal space for “I”, let that be the mantra.