Thursday, May 19, 2005

Listen to wht your mind says

Let’s look at title, 'listening to your mind'. What does this mean? Every one keeps telling this, every one advice. Most of them, just take it as some one told me this, so let’s follow that. Can we not interpret it in this way, today your mind say some thing (assuming what mind says as thought of the person), we go ahead with that and do it. But if that is something makes you repent later, in other words mind tells just contradictory to what he/she had been hearing from his/her mind. So 'listen to your mind', is not perfectly right. Whts the solution for this? Give some time for your mental process, and even after the time passes by the thought does not change, put down the solution as “ This is what My mind says “. Unluckily, we cannot define the time period here. But even the essence of the solution is to make people happy, not to repent for the "hearings" from mind. Some of them say, listen to heart...”I don’t agree with this".