Tuesday, September 26, 2006

When is our turn for this ?

Its always intresting to hear experiences from people who travel a lot...Human extending the scope for travelling to space also. See here the experience of a space tourist here http://spaceblog.xprize.org/
with entralling photos in http://www.flickr.com/photos/spaceexplorer/page2/
CNN -IBN reports this here.. http://www.ibnlive.com/news/space-odessy-a-firsthand-account/22540-11.html

Monday, September 25, 2006

Athiest facing challenges..

“Oh lord, make my day more beautiful. I don’t want tester to find out crucial bugs in the code I delivered”. Daily is prayer over. If it’s a special visit to some special religious place, prayer may be bit different. “Oh lord, give me an onsite chance; make me a TL in this appraisal”. Forgive me for my ignorance, I don’t know what all can be the prayers possible. I just thought of career ambitions in IT and made a list of it. There is variety of prayers made by different people. Maybe some of the readers can contribute some.

I always think, they make a vision for their career by putting ambitions in words by praying. Sincere people just don’t forget what they have prayed, they also work towards it. Yeah, end of it they may or may not achieve it, but there is a mental process which can help them to grow towards success. For (s)his ambition (s)he made a clear statement to achieve. Look at the people who have no belief in GOD, the one who are fondly called as atheists. They also have ambitions, I believe chances of getting their visions or ambitions to a clear statement is lesser compared to the pious people around. This can be the one factor which may favor for career success for religious people. This is just an observation. I don’t forget the fact increased influence of processes stops the phenomena of innovation and so the blind belief in GOD.

Now, let’s look at the festivals and entertainment processes created by several religions. Almost all religions have well balanced methods, process e.t.c for leading a balanced life. People who follow them may or may not change the world but they lead a balanced life (most likely). But it’s strange to observe that, we have the history of these religions going back to centuries. Why we don’t have any religion (I mean a set of agreed processes which is called by some name with a central place to be afraid of, if at all needed) taking birth in this century? Maybe the evolution of human brains must have taken out humans thinking in that direction. Anyways it’s a great challenge for a person to lead a balanced life with out stipulated rules which are at least for the sake of having a disciplinary frame. In fact rules are something which atheists hate, I agree. But I strongly believe events, celebrations and so many other things that have been part of our culture have come from the very religious habits of people only. Every one trying to make their own rule is definitely a brain stimulating thing for that person. But remember a self does not constitute the society its the collection of different individuals that makes the society. Going by these arguments, atheists are in trouble of not having some process in place. This may be one reason there’s a great number of naxlites or communist turned to saints in the history. After sometime, lack of system defined process for a healthy and balanced atmosphere really troubles atheists I think. Anyway, live as an atheist thru out life seem to be a big challenge.

My argument is not that, atheism is something which is not practical. But, system or processes are not so efficient to keep a balanced society especially when living creatures start facing problems in their life. I dream of a religion ‘atheism’ which has mixture of all festivals and other processes, which are efficient enough to constitute a peaceful but innovative society. This is just a tip of iceberg…horizons of thoughts can be taken to different levels from here. Leaving it to you to take this thought in to next level. Life is very simple when there is only self but not so when there are so many; atheism is not an answer for a peaceful society now, but blind belief is not an answer for innovation. We need a balanced system which I would like to call it as modern religion.

Update:(U may find this intresting.Disclaimer - Following are not my words, these are random notes from web)
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