Thursday, August 12, 2010

Moment is what you have..

What is in common between a writer, singer, actor, technocrat and many other professions? They all work, OK. They all enjoy their work, really? They all earn money, yes. This is no rocket science to decipher. But "Enjoying the work" still remains an unanswered question. Below attempt is not to find a solution for it, but something which makes sense to me :-)

If the experiences of the moments can be transformed into the work that you do, then it’s worth living every moment is n’t it?

Lets look at how true the above statement is for few professions.

Writer: He/She goes out in the streets; see how children are fighting, how men behave in their business, how mother in law claim her family political rights and many. Some of the things that they see could be transformed into a story, essays e.t.c.Writer also enjoys this, hopefully !

Actor: Day starts with brushing, taking bath..fill in the blanks. He/She goes to the party…drink for the experience, love for the experience, and sex for the experience. He has been asked to perform on a stage/movie with what he experienced...ha..ha..sounds so simple, but hope u get the point.Actor enjoys the experience :-)

Technocrat: He also walks around, finds it quite fascinating how in the kinara store they arrange items and grab them quite easily when some one asks for it.He also ponder over "why don’t I use it for efficient data retrieval process and what it takes the technology to improve its capabilities".

List goes on...

So, observing something because you enjoy doing it, experience something because there is something special in it, now transform them as your expression. . Let work be the product of moment then its a good deal to live in the moment. Moment is what you have :-)