Friday, November 25, 2005

Business process and religion

I happened to hear, so many spiritual leaders appealing business leaders to promote spiritualism among business community. As expected, I think the appeal was always neglected. “What religion and such principle have to do with our business?” .No one gave them clear answer, or nothing could convince them. They can blame about religion as, something which had a major role in splitting the society and broke the very purpose of it. Is not valid?

Hmmm...Now, let’s come to the business community. As we all know, every industry has some kind of quality process defined for them. They “religiously” follow it, to attract customers and also to ensure the quality of the end product. They will also boast about the quality, by certifications they achieved in their growth ladder. CMM, ISO are some examples. But as one among in the customer community, we will agree that we do look at these certifications, for choosing a suitable vendor for our work.

What are these processes and why it is so very important? When a collective community of employees works for a major purpose or a project, it is very much needed to have a process in place. This is to learn from experiences and also to correct and set a vision for future endeavors. In summary, to get a better visibility, ensuring improvement, ensuring quality, some bench marks has been defined. People who master these processes become leaders, after sometime they see themselves growing out of it.

Now come back to religion. Very well known fact is all regions are made for the good of harmony and peace of society, to some extent we can say universe. These were the benchmarks defined to understand themselves and also to ensure the quality of human race specially; the dominating creature. But in the evolution, man started taking it as part of him/her. (h) She became proud of saying “I am Hindu” Or “I am Christian”. I think from then, the whole purpose of it was lost.

Can we imagine a world, where employees fight each other saying, “I am CMM level 5”, and “I am ISO: 90002” etc. When process becomes part of self who is supposed to just follow it, the very purpose of it is lost. Now the key note here is, if the process and certifications are benchmarks for delivering better quality product in business, religion is to ensure the stability in human life and it’s the key to discover self and grow out of it. Keep a personal space for “I”, let that be the mantra.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Rules and Character

Recently our company went for BS7799 security certification. We are a CMM level5 company. They have also plans for getting CMMI certification. Sorry if you are not an IT pro, it may seem continuous bouncers for you. But if you ask any employee in an IT Company, “are you following all the rules what the certification manual put forward?” obvious answer is No. Some of them even go to an extent saying “all crap”. Why these companies go for certification is a different topic, but it is a very evident fact that, it’s to become trust worthy of western customers not the obsession for the quality or security.

When we look in to the fact that, why all these certifications are futile attempts to make people better or company a quality one our topic starts. Discipline is a character and rules are no different. Attempts should be done to make all these processes a part of company’s breathing. I mean to say, building up a CMM person and security maestros should be the vision of the implementation team. Let me take one e.g. of our daily life. When we were child we were told that, “Hey, you have to wash your mouth before having breakfast” and we were also taught, washing hands and face is must before having food. We religiously followed what ever they said. Yes, some of us hesitated to follow, and were also beaten up. Anyway, now we make sure that what ever was told is followed religiously. Not that we are following the rules told by them “It has become our part of character”.

Solution is unique here, imbibe the character of rule mandate don’t follow the rules. On Indian roads, we are told to follow some rules. Do we follow all of them? Look at western countries how do they react in a traffic jam. But my argument is not that, they will follow the rules, even there is no controlling body since it has become their part of character. But there is a slight difference in “Baby-mouthwash” example and this scenario. We later realized that what ever we were told to do in childhood was directly linked to our health and personal good. Unfortunately, later in life society rules and other rules are taken as something which is told for the benefit of someone else and so a necessity of a controlling body still exists. Let’s dream for a day, every one of us imbibe the rule not follow the rule.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Live for the moment!!

My parents never told me this. They said “Don’t try to act matured, be child and grow matured”
My teachers never told me this, they said “Study every day’s topic systematically, and then it will be easy for you in exam”
We friends never discussed this. But we were happy playing cricket, volleyball making noise in group trying to steal good fruits from neighbor’s house. Nice and funny days…
Is n’t it? May be story that you have is different. But we know, we were really happy when we were children more than what we are…So analyzing the change what we had from our childhood to manhood is really important when we realize that, we lost our real happiness somewhere in this path.

I am matured now, I have moustache, and my body is bigger than those little kids. But I doubt, we have hindered the mental growth, when we were growing up. When we really know that, we can’t remain child physically, and if we realize that mental happiness was lost in the process of growth; either we should search out in the path and determine in which stage we turned gloomy or try to be a kid through out (Mentally). A valid question arise from here can be, “We were worried about mom’s punishments; we were really worried about Exam results”. How can we say, we were really happy when we were children. I look at it in this way. True that, children are really worried about punishments, they are also worried about exam results. What comes out from this thought? Let the worries be part of your life style.

Don’t be worried about the worries, but when we find happiness from any corner of our life, grab them and live for that moment instead of looking out for worries waiting for us. It is and it was always part of our life. Let us take them along with us. If there are no worries then how will we distinguish happiness? If What ever was taught to you and given to you was easy problems; Mathematics will become easy for you, people who scored good marks in mathematics first distinguished easy and tough problems and then the took along the difficult ones with them in the process. They got it done.

We have worries and happiness, as well said by an adage “two sides of a coin”; let’s take along the worries with us, and distinguish the happiness out of it. Like I earlier mentioned, Lets score good marks, by seeing and understanding the best out of it. Be an energetic and enthusiastic kid thru out. ” humming comes to my mind …18 till I die.

I am not forgetting the fact that, time puts you in a mental state where we only see difficult problems. But I strongly believe, a ray of hope remains in every moment.When you fight with the difficult ones you emerge stronger and confident. In exam we can skip difficult ones, but fortunately or unfortunately life may or may not allow you for that.Be prepared for the worst, don’t ever get away from the worst, remember it’s your turn to emerge stronger!!!

Best of luck for your love with worries…Love him (her??) and be kid thru out, Not physically :)

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Listen to wht your mind says

Let’s look at title, 'listening to your mind'. What does this mean? Every one keeps telling this, every one advice. Most of them, just take it as some one told me this, so let’s follow that. Can we not interpret it in this way, today your mind say some thing (assuming what mind says as thought of the person), we go ahead with that and do it. But if that is something makes you repent later, in other words mind tells just contradictory to what he/she had been hearing from his/her mind. So 'listen to your mind', is not perfectly right. Whts the solution for this? Give some time for your mental process, and even after the time passes by the thought does not change, put down the solution as “ This is what My mind says “. Unluckily, we cannot define the time period here. But even the essence of the solution is to make people happy, not to repent for the "hearings" from mind. Some of them say, listen to heart...”I don’t agree with this".

Thursday, April 14, 2005

'SEX' why is it different from other emotions ?

Is 'Sex' something to be shy of ?. We have a very unified opinion globally in this regard. Some one having sex in private, people tend to keep special eye on them. It is just a relation or just another emotion that living animal(hope plants do not) have. Do we have the same eagerness when some one is crying in a corner out of pain? If its a rape victim obviously 'Yes'.It is a fact that 'Sex' is something really wonderfull and very different emotion. How it became different and what is the evolution behind it ? Sounds intresting, is n't it ?
The way we look at sex changes with culture, and that it itself points to the fact that its not an abnoraml emotion..!!